My wife and I recently took a trip to wine country for a few days. We decided to bring the bikes as we had heard it’s a great way to get around Dry Creek and we both love cycling. This also gave me the opportunity to add a geek element to the trip. I had just purchased a handlebar mount for my iPhone and I was anxious to try it out (see image below).

iPhone mounted to my road bike.

iPhone mounted to my road bike.

The iPhone mount turned out to be a great addition to the bike. I was not completely familiar with the area, so I relied heavily on GPS and Google Maps to get me where I was going. When it was time to find a bite to eat, I’d fire up the Yelp application and in moments I’d have several top restaurant recommendations in the immediate area.

If it weren’t for the fairly dismal battery life of the phone when GPS is enabled for extended periods of time (my experience is about 2 hours on a full charge), the iPhone would make a great alternative to dedicated GPS devices like those from Garmin. As it stands today, it’s still incredibly useful for periodic checks on your current location, routes and distances as well as access to the Internet. Check out the iMapMyRide app if you want to track your route and don’t plan to be out for more than a couple hours. It provides real-time tracking of your distance, time, speed and pace. I chose not to use it on this trip in order to save my battery.

All in all, the iPhone as a dashboard is a pretty great experience and one that I would recommend for anyone who is doing any touring on their bicycle.

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