In my last post, I nearly broke up with my Tivo. I offered up a lot of problems, but not much in the way of solutions. Since then, I’ve been thinking about simple improvements Tivo might make to address some of my concerns. I’ll post them as they come to mind. Here’s the first one:


The Tivo remote’s thumbs up/down buttons are nice, but underused. I’d recommend using the thumbs up/down buttons to provide an easy and intuitive way to manage the Now Playing list. Simply select the program you’re intersted in, then press thumbs-up to set it as “keep until I delete” or press thumbs-down to “delete now”. You wouldn’t need a confirm on delete because of Tivo’s already handy undelete feature. Undeleting a program would be as simple as navigating to the Trash and pressing thumbs-up (or thumbs-down to permanently delete). This would be a huge improvement from today’s implementation which requires you to drill into each program and navigate the menu of options, make your selection and navigate back out. It’s painful.

Tivo's Now Playing Screen

I’m sure there are still more intersting uses for the thumbs buttons that I haven’t even thought of yet. The nice thing about this solution is that it doesn’t require any changes to the Tivo UI or remote. It could be pushed to machines with a simple overnight update.