I spent the weekend attending the Agile UX Retreat at Cooper in San Francisco. The retreat brought together an impressive mix of designers, user researchers, developers, scrum masters, product owners and quality engineers.

Agile UX RetreatThe central topic of the retreat was how to integrate User Expeience (UX) into the Agile Development Process. At least that was supposed to be the central topic. But somewhere between the afternoon of day 1 and the conclusion of day 2, it became something else entirely. We transcended Agile and UX, we eliminated “us and them” thinking, and we stopped talking about Agile with a capital A. Instead, we focused on what really matters: We all want to make great software… together.

We need to overcome the momentum of tradition
It is time to relieve ourselves of the industrial age thinking that says efficiency is king. It is time for a culture change in software.

  • Efficiency needs to yield to effectiveness
  • Process needs to take a back seat to products
  • Roles need to give way to competencies
  • Egos need to die

We are all makers and craftsmen and facilitators, and when it works well we build killer products that change the world. To hell with tradition. Let’s go make great stuff together!