It looks like Tivo is finally ready to roll out some new stuff. The Tivo Premiere will launch this April in a 45 or 150 hour HD model ($299 and $499 respectively). Some interesting tidbits about the new Tivo boxes:

  • New Tivo remote featuring QWERTY keyboard (apparently an optional upgrade)
  • New UI built on Flash
  • Better integration of Web video – now it’s a peer to standard TV in the UI
  • Some allusion to it being your “anything box” according to Tivo’s CEO – TV, movies, music, etc.
Tivo Premiere's new UI if Flash-based

Tivo Premiere's new UI if Flash-based

Tivo QWERTY Remote

Tivo QWERTY Remote - Image via engadget

Gotta wonder about their choice of Flash for the UI. It reportedly looks great, but performance was too poor to push this UI upgrade to Series 3 boxes. That’s either a simple marketing ploy to sell new boxes or a damning statement about the performance of Flash. HTML5, anyone? And while we’re at it, how about an official Tivo remote app for the iPhone instead of the QWERTY keyboard remote?

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