HP and Adobe have been making some noise today in the tablet space. They’ve been careful to point out that the HP device offers users “the full Web” by which they mean Flash and AIR. In the screenshot below, we see the Slate running Pandora on the AIR platform.

HP Slate

HP Windows 7 Slate running Pandora

What’s striking to me is the amount of complexity crammed into the screen. App windows, backgrounds, toolbars, floating notifications, menus, files and folders. In other words, it’s Windows 7. Contrast this with the iPad, below.


iPad running iTunes

The iPad becomes a single purpose device when an app is launched. There’s very little chrome and nothing extraneous to separate you from your content. In other words, mono-tasking at it’s finest.

I’m sure HP will sell a few of these Slate devices, provided the price is well below $1000, but they really aren’t even in the game if they haven’t yet understood the importance of simplicity on a tablet device. Windows 7 is simply not well suited for tablet devices.