In the world of mobile, a lot can happen in a week. To help me keep track, I am starting a new series called Mobile Monday. Each Monday, I will highlight interesting mobile news and topics that surfaced during the previous week.

RIM to Launch “BlackPad” Tablet in November

Bloomberg reported that RIM is planning to release a tablet device this November to compete with iPad. In typical RIM fashion, they plan to offer a slide-out keyboard (sounds awkward). They also plan to provide front- and rear-facing cameras for video conferencing in an attempt to one-up the iPad. The BlackPad will run on RIM’s latest Blackberry OS 6.0.

Verizon’s 3G customers consume more data than AT&T’s

In a study conducted by Validas, it was found that the average data consumption for non-Blackberry Verizon smartphones was 421MB per month, compared to the 338MB per month consumed by AT&T iPhone users.

SAP Employee Unveils Prototype “Augment Reality” for the Enterprise

The potential for Augmented Reality applications married to business data are large. Timo Elliott of SAP created a mockup of some potential uses for AR connected to SAP’s database. Information from SAP is overlayed on the user’s screen based on their location and where the phone’s camera is aimed.

Augment Reality prototype from SAP

Story from Read Write Web
Timo Eliott’s original post

Yankee Group Releases Stats on Smartphone Loyalty

The Yankee Group produced some interesting stats on the smartphone market:

– 77 percent of iPhone owners intend to buy another Apple phone
– 23 percent of RIM owners plan to buy an Apple iPhone
– 36 percent of Google-branded Android phone owners say they plan to buy an iPhone

Google Dominates Mobile Search

According to Pingdom, Google now has 98.29% of the mobile search market, up from 95.58% one year ago.

Ballmer Admits Apple’s Winning the Tablet Game (duh)

Last week in a financial analysts meeting, Steve Ballmer admitted that Apple is selling more iPads than he would like. Ballmer says that Microsoft’s answer to the iPad is Windows 7 on a slate (Full story from the Loop). Ballmer’s assertion that the Windows OS is the answer to tablets caused some to question whether he “gets it”.