RIM Unveils BlackBerry 6 Operating System and Torch Handset

Last week RIM unveiled the next generation BlackBerry device, called the Torch. This new device features a capacitive touch screen and an updated BlackBerry 6 operating system that includes multi-touch. The BlackBerry 6 OS contains a Webkit browser which is quickly becoming the de-facto mobile browser across most major platforms including iPhone and Android. Critical response to the device and OS has been mixed, with many asking whether it is too little too late.

Android Outsells iPhone, 50% of BlackBerry Users Would Rather Not Be

A Nielsen study finds that Android handsets outsold the iPhone for the first time ever. Android sales grew 886 percent over the last year. Other findings:
– 50% of BlackBerry owners plan to buy an iPhone or Android as their next handset
– iPhone satisfaction remains extremely high with 89% of owners say their next handset will be another iPhone (71% of Android owners want another Android device while 21% plan to switch to iPhone)

Facebook and PayPal Update Their Android Apps

As the Android platform gains in popularity, so does the investment in developing native Android applications.

Facebook released version 1.3.0 of their Android application. This update is reportedly faster and incorporates more of the functionality and look and feel of the iPhone app.

PayPal released version 2.0 of their native Android app. Again, this update brings functionality on-par with their iPhone app. Updates include Bump to Pay and Split the Check.

PayPal’s Growth on Mobile is Exploding

On a related note, PayPal says that use of their mobile applications is growing at a phenomenal rate. They’ve handled twice as much money in the first half of 2010 as they did in all of 2009.