Google Launches New Mobile Finance App

The Google Mobile Blog announced what they describe as one of their most requested features: Google Finance for mobile. This version of Google Finance is compatible with iPhone and Android and features charts and graphs. Looks like some nice work.
Google Mobile Blog

Google Finance Mobile

Google Finance Mobile

Windows Phone 7 to Provide Phone-to-Console Gaming

It looks like Microsoft is definitely going to be playing up the gaming angle with Windows Phone 7 which is a smart move. At X’10 Microsoft demonstrated several features including the ability to play multi-player games across a wi-fi network with your XBOX 360. Considering the success of their gaming division, this makes a lot of sense and could be a distinct advantage for Microsoft in the mobile space.
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iPads “Invading” The Corporate Market?

Business Insider’s Henry Blodget suggests that Apple’s iPad is beginning to replace Microsoft-driven laptops in many corporate settings. Why are companies making the switch? iOS is now more enterprise friendly, providing encryption and the ability to remotely wipe data. iPads are also cheaper, faster, easier to carry, and more user friendly than laptops. According to Blodget, many corporations are also developing applications specifically for the iPad. Blodget does point out that laptops aren’t going away anytime fast, especially for those of us who need to create a lot of content.
Business Insider

National Geographic Talks Augmented Reality

National Geographic has a short piece on AR. They cover the usual Yelp-like examples available on your mobile phone, but also a few up-and-coming applications. For example, the Marines are experimenting with the use of AR to train mechanics. Rather than needing to turn away from their work to reference a laptop screen, the tools and instructions are projected onto the work surface. A professor at University of Washington is working on AR equipped contact lenses that can display data directly on the lens.

Over the next several years he hopes to add hundreds of LEDs to the lens, allowing it to display text and images that would appear to hover in space at a readable distance in front of the eye.

National Geographic

Location Based Services: What’s next for check-in apps?

CNN takes a looks at what’s on the market and what might be next in the world of location-based-services. One of the more interesting concepts is automatic check-ins when you arrive at certain pre-determined locations. Open source group geoloqi is working on a solution that would allow you to do things like associate a shopping list with a specific grocery store, for example.