Facebook making a phone?

Possibly. According to TechCrunch they are investigating a “deep integration” with a phone.

Specifically, Facebook wants to integrate deeply into the contacts list and other core functions of the phone. It can only do that if it controls the operating system.

This actually doesn’t sound too far fetched, though I doubt Facebook would provide the operating system. Android is open and building a branded phone is something that carriers and manufacturers are doing an awful lot these days. It stands to reason that Facebook would take advantage of this as well.


(Update: Facebook is using Android “for sure,” says a plugged-in Silicon Valley source.)

iPhone is a great device for the blind

It’s hard to believe that a touch device that relies almost entirely on it’s display to present UI would make even a modestly useful product for the blind. In his post, Austin Seraphin describes his first week with the iPhone and it is nothing short of amazing. Here is a description of an app called Color ID:

The next day, I went outside. I looked at the sky. I heard colors such as “Horizon,” “Outer Space,” and many shades of blue and gray. I used color queues to find my pumpkin plants, by looking for the green among the brown and stone. I spent ten minutes looking at my pumpkin plants, with their leaves of green and lemon-ginger. I then roamed my yard, and saw a blue flower. I then found the brown shed, and returned to the gray house. My mind felt blown.

My first week with the iPhone

BestBuy CEO says major decline in laptop PC sales due to iPad

BestBuy’s CEO told the Wall Street Journal this week that laptop PC sales are way down, as much as 50%, and that netbooks are being hit particularly hard. He seemed to attribute this sharp decline to interest in the iPad.


Android gobbles more market share

Android gained another 5% of smartphone market share while all other smartphone providers, including Apple, lost some market share over the same period. Of course they are all still growing at a break-neck pace, so don’t shed tears for anyone just yet.


Apple’s lack of over-the-air updates hurts upgrades

Over two months after the June 21 release of iOS 4.0, more than 20 percent of iPhone 3GS users still haven’t upgraded their phones, Localytics reports–by comparison, 96 percent of Motorola Droid units now run Android 2.2, released on Aug. 12.