Nielsen Data: 32% of iPad owners never downloaded an app. Or is it 9%?

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) cited a recent Nielsen study which shows that a full 32% of iPad owners have never downloaded an app. A pretty surprising statistic. But is it right? When I went to the source report, it looks like Nielsen is claiming only 9% of iPad owners have never downloaded an app.

More interesting data from the Nielsen report:

  • iPad owners spend a longer amount of time with their content. For example, iPad owners spend nearly twice as much time reading news on their iPads than iPhone owners.
  • iPad users are far more receptive to advertising than iPhone or other “connected device” owners
  • iPad owners are more likely to make a purchase after viewing an ad

You can download a summary of the report here.

Update: It looks like Nielsen made an error.

HP Prepares to Launch a Tablet… Based on Windows 7 (ahem)

HP is getting ready to launch what they are dubbing a “business tablet”. In the video below, you can see actual actors fumbling around with the Windows 7 powered device, called the HP Slate 500. It’s one of the more awkward product videos I’ve seen in a while and it leaves me pretty skeptical that this device is going to be very popular (or very good).

In CrunchGear’s hands-on review, they say

It runs (Windows 7) just well enough to make it a compelling device for point-of service and other niche markets. It doesn’t run it well enough to, say, convince me to get rid of my laptop. (emphasis added)

As Steve Jobs said in an Apple earnings call last week, a lot of these tablets are going to be DOA – dead on arrival. Microsoft and HP surely realize that Windows is not a good tablet OS, however that continues to be the tablet story for Microsoft. I attended the Windows Phone 7 Developer Preview last week and when asked about tablets Microsoft said that it has no current plans to use the WP7 OS on tablet devices. Yikes.


Back to the Mac – On to iOS

Last week Apple hosted their “Back to the Mac” event in which they announced a new MacBook Air. But more interesting was their announcement of the upcoming Mac OS X Lion and updates to iLife. Interesting because the OS and the iLife suite of apps are beginning to take cues from iOS. Here’s what Apple has to say on their website:

We took our best thinking from Mac OS X and brought it to the iPhone. Then we took our best thinking from the iPhone and brought it to iPad.

OS X Lion will introduce more gestures, taking advantage of Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad to capture multitouch gestures like two- and three-finger swipes to control your Mac. Apple is also introducing Lunchpad which looks just like the home screen on iOS devices. And in its boldest move toward iOS, Apple will launch an App Store for Mac.

The influence of iOS is also visible in the new iLife suite which emphasizes “full-screen mode”, allowing users to focus on one app at a time, similar to the way apps are presented on iPad and iPhone.

It’s clear that Apple sees the future of computing in mobile devices and mobile software. The changes introduced with Lion and iLife 11 are just the beginning.