I’m on my flight back home from an Agile UX retreat at Pivotal Labs in New York City. This is my second event with the group which formed back in January of this year. The group is focused on determining the guiding principles and best practices that result in highly collaborative teams who build great products. 

I didn’t do any tweeting during the event. Instead, I thought I would share the “Tweetable Moments” from my notes here on the blog. 

– The value of narrative is immense. Find the stories.

– Lead with conversation, trail with documentation

– Build shared physical artifacts

– Teams should focus on effectiveness, not efficiency. Effectiveness gains efficiency.

– Don’t lose sight of the product: 
Devs too interested in solving cool problems
Designers too involved in delivering pixel perfect assets

– Always seek to push certainty into the project areas that are uncertain

– The smallest unit of planning is the team, don’t try to break that into design/dev/qa

– Provide just enough information to go and start work

– Staggered sprints are so 2009

– It’s not bad when you fail, it’s bad when you don’t notice that you’ve failed

– The time you spend to reach failure is waste, minimize it

– Practice minimum fidelity prototyping

– Increase the quality of the product, not the quality of the code

– Humans can’t predictably be right the first time (no rock stars!)

– Lean mandates the do-over

– Think, make, check (repeat)

– Separate design risk from development risk

– A prototype is something you can use, a specification is something you can’t

This was truly a great event and it was an honor to participate. Many thanks to Pivotal Labs and @IMF for organizing and hosting!