What? You haven’t seen Word Lens yet??

Unless you’ve been trapped in San Francisco with nothing more than AT&T wireless service, you’ve no doubt seen the buzz around Word Lens. If you haven’t seen the demo yet, please take a moment and watch it now. I’ll wait…

… Amazing, right? I’ve tried the app myself (the free version that turns words backward) and it is the real deal. The future is now.

PayPal Mobile Payments Up 300%, eBay Mobile Sales up 165%

PayPal is reporting that mobile payment activity is up 300% as compared to last year (Nov. 15 – Dec. 15). At the same time, parent company eBay is reporting that gross sales on mobile were up 165% as compared to last year. It looks like eBay’s big bet on mobile is already paying off.

IDC: Mobile Apps to Make $35b by 2014

According to IDC, revenues from mobile apps will reach $35 billion driven by nearly 77 billion app downloads in 2014.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that the mobile landscape will be significantly different in 2014 than it was in 2010. Will the overall market be much larger? Yes. Will app marketplaces continue to dominate? That is much harder to predict. Why?

  1. Developing apps across multiple platforms is expensive and many companies would prefer to keep those costs down.
  2. HTML5 continues to improve both in terms of capabilities and performance and developers will increasingly be able to deliver compelling apps without going native.
  3. Consumers are bound to get fatigued with app downloads at some point.

Google Mobile Searches Grow 130% in Q3 FY10

When you’re talking mobile these days, you’re talking growth. In yet another growth story, Google says that searches from mobile devices grew 130% over last year’s numbers in Q3.