Apple’s App Store Trending Toward Business Apps

Distimo released their 2010 App Store report and it’s loaded with all sorts of juicy data. Here are some of the items I found most interesting:

  • Apple’s App Store is trending toward more business-oriented apps with that category of apps jumping 186% (which has to make Apple happy) while BlackBerry App World is attracting more entertainment focused apps. Maybe all those business users are looking for a diversion?
  • Apple is still in the lead with 300,000 total apps in the App Store, double last year’s number, but percentage growth is larger on Android, BlackBerry and Nokia stores
  • Revenue generated by in app purchases is higher on iPhone than iPad (34% versus 15%)
  • A decline in price was observed across all platforms among the top 100 apps.

Distimo App Store Report >

Tablets, tablets and more tablets at this year’s CES

While there was still a paucity of tablets that were actually shipping, there were plenty of demo units (over 80!) on the floor and the stage at CES this year. If I hear the phrase “iPad killer” one more time, I might just become a journalist killer.😉 Of all the tablets on display at CES, it looks like the Motorola Xoom was the one grabbing the most attention and the “Best In Show” honor. On the other hand, there were some less sexy tablets. For example the Asus EEE Slate, so named because that’s the noise people make when they see the device laden with ports and a stylus. “EEE! What is that?”

Asus EEE Slate

The Asus EEE Slate.

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom too top honors at CES this year.

Google Announces Honeycomb – Android for Tablets

Android announced their tablet optimized release of the Android OS, Honeycomb. Check out the video below to see a demo of some of Honeycomb’s features.

I’m glad they decided to eliminate hardware buttons for their tablet OS. I’ve never really liked the buttons on Android and they make less sense on tablets which can be held in any orientation. On the whole, I’d say that this OS looks pretty impressive. I really like the app switching which provides users with a thumbnail of the the app in it’s current state, making it easier to identify what you want to return to. In general, it seems that Google is viewing their tablet OS as more of a pared down desktop than a scaled up phone.

Huge Mobile Growth for Evernote

Evernote, the awesome note taking software for just about every platform and device, saw tremendous mobile growth year over year. Not surprisingly, the biggest gains were on iOS and Android. When I saw the chart below, I was actually surprised to see how many devices Evernote is supporting.

Evernote Mobile Growth