Verizon iPhone Announced

The long anticipated Verizon iPhone was announced at a New York City event last week. It was Verizon who made the announcement with a guest appearance by Apple COO, Tim Cook. No Steve Jobs at this event, but I can’t blame him. There’s a ton of pent-up demand for the phone on Verizon’s network and there were no big new product announcements.

The phone has been modified slightly to accommodate the CDMA chip. One of those modifications includes moving the antenna band from the bottom of the phone to the top. Apple claims this change is also due to the CDMA chip, but I think we all know this is the fix for the antenna problem that iPhone 4 still clearly has.

Image via Social Barrel

Image via Social Barrel

In other Verizon iPhone news, Consumer Reports continues to spurn the iPhone, saying that they can’t recommend the device on either network now that it’s nearing the end of its life-cycle. Fortunately for Apple, no one really cares what Consumer Reports thinks about smartphones. Despite their original “do not buy” recommendation, the current iPhone 4 on AT&T has sold 15.2 million units in FYQ1 alone.

Nielsen Mobile Internet and Messaging Trends

Nielsen released some trend data about “cellphones and global youth”. Among the findings, it turns out females outnumber males when it comes to using SMS and MMS in most countries. The Chinese have the highest mobile Internet use and the US has the highest email use.

Nielsen – Cellphones and Global Youth: Mobile Internet and Messaging Trends >

iOS 4.3 to Ship With New Gestures and More

As I mentioned last week, the next version of iOS will ship with some new gestures that use 4 and 5 fingers. These gestures are reserved for multitasking and will allow quick application switching and return to the home screen without pressing the home button.

New multi-touch gestures >

Also included in the release is the ability to create a mobile hot spot. This is a common feature on Android devices, so it’s nice to see Apple catching up here. It remains to be seen if AT&T will allow this on their network, but Verizon is committed. (via Ars Technica)

Safari and Opera Take Top 2 Spots in Mobile Browser Stats

According to StatCounter, the top two mobile browsers were Safari and Opera, respectively, though their numbers are so close Safari’s top spot could practically be attributed to a rounding error. Safari saw a big drop in numbers, down 9%, due to more and more non-iPhone devices accessing the Internet. Safari represented 25% while Opera took in 24%.

Quirksmode – 2010 Mobile Browser Stats >

Mobile Tweets are 40% of Twitter Posts

According to Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, mobile represents 40% of all tweets posted to Twitter and 50% of Twitter’s users are active on mobile.

(via Mobile Marketing Watch)

Android Surpasses iOS?

According to the mobile ad network Millenial Media, Android now represents 46% of all ad impressions on their network while iOS represents 32%. Of course, we already know that Android users consume more ads and that more Android apps are ad driven than are iOS apps. Still, the trend is clear. Android is selling in huge numbers and advertising is at its core.