AppStore Hits 10 Billion Downloads

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably already heard that Apple reached it’s 10 billionth download this weekend. That’s 10 billion with a “b”! If you’ve ever wondered why people say that Apple can define a category, here is a great example. While they may not have invented the AppStore (credit goes to Salesforce), they defined the space and caused the entire industry to follow suit. Can you imagine your smartphone without an AppStore? Soon it will be hard to imagine your desktop without one too.

Opera Mini Seeing Huge Growth

Opera Mini has been growing along with the rest of the mobile space. From December 2009 to December 2010, Opera Mini had 125.5% increase in page views.

iPad Sales Larger Than Anyone Predicted

It’s hard to believe that the iPad has been on the market for less than a year. Since it’s introduction, Apple has sold 15 million of them, outpacing Mac sales. That is an amazing number. And Apple saw a 75% quarter over quarter increase in sales from the September to December quarters. As TechCrunch reports, nobody was even close to predicting the success of the iPad. The closest prediction was 9 million.

In other words, the iPad sold three times as much as the average tech blogger predictions, and five times as much as the average Wall Street analyst prediction. Think about that the next time you see a prediction for anything in tech. The newer it is, the less anybody knows.

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Starbucks Accepting Mobile Payments Nationwide

The mobile payment movement just got a shot in the arm as Starbucks announced that they will now accept payments from mobile phones using their Starbucks Card app. The Starbucks payments will not leverage NFC just yet. Instead, Starbucks is using 2D bar code scanning, similar to that used at airports for mobile boarding passes. They cited the limited availability of NFC as the deciding factor which makes sense for now.

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90% of iPhones Are Up To Date

The CEO of Bump reported that, according to their statistics, nearly 90% of all iPhone users hitting their app are using iOS 4.x. Contrast this with the numbers for Android which are much more diverse. Of course, most Android users are at the mercy of manufacturers and carriers to get the latest update. According to the report, only 0.4% of Android users are on the latest version.

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Toshiba Takes Aim At Apple, Shoots Self

Toshiba Message for iOS Users

Toshiba Message for iOS Users

This week, Toshiba lunched what is purportedly a lovely Flash-powered brochureware site for their upcoming Android tablet. I say purportedly because I haven’t seen it and neither has anyone on an iOS device (though I doubt many have tried). That is because iOS, as we all know, doesn’t support Flash.

Toshiba decided to take advantage of that fact and present iOS users with the message pictured to the left, prompting my response below.

Of course, the campaign seems to have worked. It was covered by the tech press and I’m talking about it here. I hope for their sake, they can actually ship a device. They are promising to ship in “Spring”, but any time a company names a season and not a date, the odds of shipping on time are not great. If I ever do get my hands on the Toshiba tablet, I’ll head straight to the brochureware sites to see how it performs.

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