iPad 2 Announced

Last week the much anticipated iPad 2 was unveiled by none other than Steve Jobs. I think my favorite part of the iPad 2 announcement was the fact that Steve himself was there to deliver it. The bottom line is that this is the next logical iteration of the iPad. It’s faster, thinner and sports front and rear cameras for the same price as the original iPad. There weren’t really any surprises, but Apple is already way ahead of other tablet manufacturers with the original iPad. This latest version just puts even more pavement between Apple and everyone else.

I was also very proud to see Salesforce.com and my product, Chatter for iPad, featured in the iPad announcement (jump to 3:19 in the video below).


Android Malware

While Google touts the openness of it’s platform as it’s major differentiator, there are some security downsides. This week Google discovered that 58 malicious applications were uploaded to the Android Marketplace and that these apps were downloaded to 260,000 devices. Google has no manual review process in place for apps entering their marketplace, making it potentially easier to upload malware. To make matters worse, the open Android OS leaves carriers and manufacturers in control of when new versions of the OS reach their customers, making it nearly impossible to quickly release a security fix to users. In order to deal with the issue, Google is invoking a back-door “remote kill” function that will remove the offending apps.

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Microsoft Tablets? Not Until Mid-2012

Microsoft announced that they won’t release a tablet device until mid-2012, years behind Apple iPad. As Bloomberg points out, this would likely put the Microsoft tablet in direction competition with the third-generation iPad and second-generation Android tablets. But what’s most shocking about the Microsoft announcement is that they plan to release this tablet with a modified version of the Windows 7 desktop operating system. It seems they haven’t learned from the mistakes of the past or the successes of the present.

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Google – Mobile Growing Faster Than Predicted

In an opening keynote at an advertising conference, Google CEO Eric Schmidt stated that mobile was growing at a faster pace than anyone, including Google, expected. Schmidt also noted that mobile activity skyrocketed during the Super Bowl as users pulled out their phones to search for information about the advertisers.

As proof of mobile’s growth, Schmidt cited some statistics related to this year’s Super Bowl advertisers: The number of mobile searches for Chrysler, for instance, jumped 102 times during the game, compared with only 48 times for desktop searches. And the number of mobile searches for GoDaddy jumped 315 times, compared with 38 times on desktops.

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