Yet Another Blockbuster Quarter for Apple

Last week Apple posted yet another incredible earnings report and they are on track for a staggering $100 billion + year. Among all of those impressive numbers were the figures for iPhone sales:

  • $12.3 billion revenue
  • 113% year-over-year growth in unit sales
  • 155% growth in the US
  • 250% growth in “Greater China”
There’s no doubt that Apple is firing on all cylinders and then some. In fact, I think they added turbo- and super-chargers. All this revenue and they aren’t yet able to meet demand for the new iPad. Once those supply bottlenecks are cleared up, who knows what revenue heights they may achieve.

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AT&T Feels Urge To Merge, Cites 8000% Growth in Mobile Data

AT&T is anxious to hook up with T-Mobile and they are making their case to the feds as they try to get their merger approved. As part of their case, AT&T is claiming that their mobile network has seen a stunning 8000% growth in data traffic since the introduction of the iPhone. Let me repeat that: 8000%! Here are some more flabbergasting stats from AT&T:

  • Smartphones generate 24x as much traffic as conventional phones
  • AT&T served 10 petabytes of data per month to mobile devices in 2010
  • By 2015 AT&T expects to serve as much data in one month as they served in all of 2010


Amazon’s Tablet is Coming

Amazon is rumored to be preparing the release of their own tablet device powered by Android. This should pair nicely with their recently launched Android Appstore, their cloud based music storage and Cloud Player offering and their existing video on demand services. Amazon seems very well positioned to make one of the only tablets that stands a chance at selling in significant numbers when compared with the iPad over the next year. Amazon has two big advantages over most other competitors: they know how to build great online marketplaces and, unlike Apple, they excel in cloud computing meaning you won’t need a PC to get your post-PC device up and running.