Microsoft wants iPhone developers to port their apps

Microsoft just released an iPhone to Windows Phone migration tool that is aimed at making it easier to port iPhone apps to the platform. The tool allows for mapping of Network/Internet, User Interface and Data Management APIs, but obviously not all APIs are supported. It’s an interesting move, but developers will need a compelling reason to port. Something like a substantial number of Windows Phones in customer’s hands.

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Android Has Most Free Apps

A report from Distimo shows that the iPhone still has the most apps overall, but that Android can now claim top spot for the total number of free apps. I wonder how many of those free apps are for killing runaway processes? Apple continues to have a dramatic lead on paid apps and appears to be the preferred platform for developers thanks to Android’s fragmentation problems.

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Sony Enters the Tablet Market

What can one say about Sony’s entry into the tablet market? Well, unlike many other tablets, at least this one isn’t a yawn. More of a WTF. Sony plans to enter the market with both a fairly standard offering and also a clamshell device with two screens. Why two screens? Why not? As Wired observes, this two screen beauty looks a lot like a burrito. Something tells me they won’t sell many of these.

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Finally: The white iPhone is here

It’s been a long wait for the white iPhone. So long that I assumed anyone who cared gave up on the idea long ago. But Apple steadfastly refused to call the white iPhone dead. Maybe it’s because they promised and failed to deliver it on time not once but twice. And who knows? Maybe the white phone will bring in an additional few million iPhone sales. Oh, and as it turns out, the white iPhone is slightly thicker than the black, which makes sense since black always makes you look thinner.

Here’s a shot from the Apple home page. Turns out they occasionally have a sense of humor.