Asus’ Padphone – A big dumb screen for a little smart phone

Asus unveiled the Padphone, a combination Android phone and tablet-sized screen that is purported to bring together the best of both worlds, tablet and smartphone. The brains of the operation lay in the smartphone which can be plugged into a socket in the back of a tablet screen to increate the size of the screen. But therein lies the rub. It seems that Asus’ driving assumption is that consumers buy tablets because their phone screens are “too small”. I beg to differ. Check out the video from Asus below.

Microsoft has made 5x more revenue from Android than Windows Phone

LukeW points out that Microsoft has received a sizable sum of money from HTC on every Android device they ship due to a patent claim that MS makes on their devices. How sizable? Apparently five times as much revenue as has been generated from selling Windows Phone 7 ($150 million versus $30 million). See more interesting stats on Android in the post on

Android users consume more data but download fewer apps, browse less?

If a recent Nielsen report is to be believed, it looks like Android users consume considerably more data each month than their iOS counterparts, but they also download fewer apps, browse less, stream less music and watch fewer videos than iOS user too. Where is this additional data activity coming from? Over the air updates? Phone-homes? Or is this just a misrepresentation?

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Windows 8 UI Unveiled at D9

Microsoft showed off the new Windows 8 UI at the All Things D conference and it looked pretty darn nice. Have a look at my post on the interesting touch interactions introduced in Windows 8 or just take a quick peek at the video below:

Of course, the demo has created a fair bit of conversation on the Web in the last several days with many criticizing Microsoft for not taking a fresh start approach to tablets the way that Apple did when it created the iPad. Will Windows 8 make a great touch UI alternative to the iPad? Unfortunately, we won’t know until the OS releases sometime next year.

Motorola blames Android performance issues for 70% of all returns

According to PC World, Motorola’s CEO is claiming quality issues with the apps in the Android marketplace are causing 70% of the returns of Motorola’s Android devices. According to the CEO, because there is no quality bar for Android apps in the marketplace, many apps are causing poor battery life and performance issues.

Top 10 Android Apps are nearly all for tweaks and geeks. iOS? Fun and games.

Droid Life reported the top 10 downloads on the Android and iOS marketplaces. The differences between the two are pretty dramatic. For example, iOS users seem to be having a good ol’ time playing games on their devices (and spending money on those games). On the other hand, Android users seem to be having a different kind of fun downloading apps like ROM Manager, Root Explorer, SetCPU and the like. Droid Life likes to point out how much more “powerful” this makes the Android platform. I’d like to point out how, outside of the techies and geeks, most Android users must not be downloading many apps and of those almost no one is paying for them. Here’s the full list as published on Droid Life:

Top 10 iOS Apps
1. Angry Birds
2. Angry Birds Rio
3. Tiny Wings
4. Fruit Ninja
5. Where’s Waldo?
6. Tetris
7. Words With Friends
8. The Sims 3
9. Cut The Rope
10. Plants Vs. Zombies

Top 10 Android Apps
1. Beautiful Widget
2. Rom Manager *Premium*
3. Root Explorer
4. Fruit Ninja
5. Better Keyboard
6. Robo Defense
7. SetCPU
8. Weatherbug Elite
9. Titanium Backup Pro
10. Power AMP *Full Version*