Nokia is busy promoting it’s latest creation, the N9 Swipe. Okay, so the N9 isn’t truly buttonless, but it has eliminated buttons from the face of the device entirely. Waking the phone just requires a tap on the screen.

It’s interesting to note that the N9 relies heavily on what I have been calling “bezel gestures”. These are gestures that initiate off-screen and typically reveal system-level menus. Bezel gestures are popping up on Windows 8, iOS 5 and Playbook to name but a few. In the case of the N9, swiping from the edge of the screen is a primary means of navigating the phone.

Build quality on the N9 looks impressive. I was also impressed with the multitasking demo Nokia has been showing off in which they bring up a navigation screen while still playing a movie. Check out the video below to see it in action (about 0:50 in).

While Nokia isn’t necessarily doing anything new here, it looks like a very nice and well thought out device. I guess there were some cool things happening with the MeeGo effort after all. It seems odd, however, that Nokia would launch a new OS when they are on the verge of moving everything to Windows Phone 7.