A couple weeks ago I posted Pretenders: Why mobile Web apps should stop trying to act like native apps. It generated a lot of interest and a lot of great discussion. While responding to comments from around the Interwebs, I managed to articulate the problem more succinctly:

When developers follow the conventions of a native app (the “look”), they set performance expectations (the “feel”) in the user’s mind. When there is a mis-match between the two, right look / wrong feel, users will be frustrated.

Right look / wrong feel can happen in any design, not just mobile Web apps. Ever pull on a door handle that needed to be pushed?

flickr image by Peter Hosey

As product designers, we need to be conscious of the affordances we place in front of users. Those affordances speak to the user and set expectations that can and should work to your advantage in making a product that is a pleasure to use.