There are a million lame excuses to NOT make your UI better. Here are 10 of the lamest with contributions from the Twitterverse:

  1. Users have already been trained to do it this (crappy) way.
  2. First, we need consensus.
  3. That’s not technically feasible.
  4. It’s not consistent with the rest of the product. (@madhuprabaker)
  5. But we already coded it this way.
  6. We’re done with that feature.
  7. But I love it!
  8. No one uses that feature anyway. (@surdattack)
  9. That’s not how [competitor x] does it.
  10. That’s hard to do!
More lame excuses:
  1. The devs don’t like it (@paz0r)
  2. The users don’t want that (@MrAlanCooper)
  3. We’ll fix it later (@claushoefele, @jeffcortez)
  4. Fast is better than good (@bradhaynes)
  5. That’s non-trivial.

What are some of the lamest excuses you’ve heard (or used yourself)? Share them in the comments.