Just a quick note in case you are experiencing the “There is no song” error on your Infiniti or Nissan vehicle when connecting your iPhone through the USB port. After searching for an answer and getting no useful results, I resorted to trial and error and discovered the following:

If you have no music installed on your iPhone, and by this I mean at least one song that you can play in the Music app, you will receive this error.


Here’s what happened to me: I had recently wiped my phone clean and then started systematically installing apps one by one. Because I don’t really buy music any more, I had no songs loaded on my phone. Instead, I use streaming apps, primarily Pandora and Spotify. The lack of a “song” stored on my phone appears to confuse the audio system into thinking there is no song.

I have an Infiniti and a Nissan. On the Infiniti I was still able to play music through Spotify and Pandora despite the “no song” error (see image above), but on my Nissan I was unable to play any music until I added a song to my Music library.

Once I added a single song to my phone, everything was back to normal.

So, if you get a “there is no song” error on you Infiniti or Nissan vehicle after plugging in your iPhone, simply add a song to your Music library. Don’t have a song? Head to the iTunes Store and search for “free songs”. Download the first one you see.🙂